BV Wine Posters
BV Wine
"100 Years Of Passionate Winemaking"
(March/April 2000)

Participating Brand : BV

Like any milestone, a centennial is a time to
celebrate not just the event, but the events that
have led up to the momentous anniversary.

BV shares its 100 years of passionate
winemaking with consumers by sharing and
commemorating the many milestones and
events that helped create its history.

BV will commission modern-day artist
Ryan Roessler to create a series of four
paintings that portray BV in works originally
created by the great master artists, but with
a contemporary flair, thus communicating
BVís rich history with an eye towards the future.

Two of the paintings will be introduced during
the March/April program time period, and two
additional paintings will be introduced during
the June/July program time period.

The paintings will be used to create
posters that will be offered as a consumer
self-liquidating offer. High-end laminated
coasters and canvas prints will be available
as dealer loaders.

Program Objectives:
- Drive display
- Educate consumers on BV heritage,
current ratings and awards
- Drive ad features
- Deliver consumer purchase incentive

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